DevOps Engineer

Job description

At Chip, we save you money by moving small amounts from your bank account into a savings account. That’s it. Simple, but not sexy. We’ll also look after your overdraft, and saving you from those dreaded bank charges. That’s simple too, but still not sexy. Thankfully, it’s really effective, and a huge number of our users have also become our investors.

What’s simple for the user though, is incredibly complex behind the scenes. Which is why we’re scaling our engineering team where we need focused, talented and dedicated DevOps Engineers to help us build out a world beating feature set.


As our engineers work on breaking down a monolithic code base into microservices to ensure we can scale both our teams and our application we need an infrastructure to support that scale and we require a DevOps engineer to help us achieve it. Working closely with our Head of DevOps and our VP of Engineering you'll be responsible for putting our new microservices into staging/production and orchestrating a world class architecture to support them and their continuous deployment. You'll also be responsible for maintaining the stability of our monolithic architecture and finding and implementing improvements as needed.


We believe infrastructure should be in code and are looking for an engineer who can help transition all of our infrastructure into a more programmatic and scaleable solution, using the likes of AWS CloudFormation/Ansible/Terraform/Chef/Puppet/Bash as well as Kubernetes and Docker, and CI platforms like Jenkins and DroneCI (These are only example and you'll have a real chance to set the direction of our DevOps procedures and the tools we use)


What we’re really looking for

  • Good knowledge of AWS services.
  • Good knowledge of an orchestration tools like CloudFormation, Ansible, Teraform, Chef, Puppet or others.
  • Good knowledge of at least one programming language like Go, Python, Perl, PHP.
  • Good knowledge of containerisation, specifically Docker (and Kubernetes)
  • Good knowledge of monitoring solutions such as NewRelic and Prometheus as well as dashboard tools such as Grafana.
  • Good knowledge of CI/CD tools like Jenkins, TeamCity, DroneCI, GitLab CI or others.
  • Some knowledge of NoSQL databases like Mongo or DocumentDB.
  • Some knowledge of SQL databases like Postgres.
  • Some knowledge of other cloud providers, like GCP or DigitalOcean.
  • Experience with Distributed Systems: Scaling, Fault-Tolerance, Load-Balancing, Networking, Security.


  • Competitive Salary
  • Unlimited holiday
  • Brand new MacBook Pro (or similar)
  • Yearly conference budget
  • 5% interest rate on savings held at Chip
  • Monthly team events/outings
  • Relaxed working environment