Software Engineer

Job description

Software Engineer : Fintech : Small Company, Big Opportunity 🚀

  • PHP // MVC Framework // MongoDB // AWS // Jenkins // Docker

  • No table tennis.

  • Fintech startup

  • Language-agnostic

Want to work with one of the UK's most exciting Fintech startups? Are you passionate about disruptive start-ups in particular Fintech and possibilities for PSD2 and plugin banking? An excellent multi-tasker who can handle busy reactive situations? A disciplined hard worker willing to go the extra mile to get things done? Excited to own share options?

Ok, tell me more...🤔

At Chip, we save you money by moving small amounts from your bank account into a savings account. That’s it. Simple, but not sexy. We’ll also look after your overdraft, and saving you from those dreaded bank charges. That’s simple too, but still not sexy. Thankfully, it’s really effective, and a huge number of our users have also become our investors.

What’s simple for the user though, is incredibly complex behind the scenes. Which is why we’re doubling our engineering team. With that comes some new processes, as we strive to improve our workflow and communication across the organisation. It genuinely is a great time to join a Fintech company at the forefront of the Open Banking revolution.

Chip is now building a peer to peer lending product that enables users to lend their Chip savings to other Chip users with a range of smart credit features that pay back automatically using the Savings AI. 🤯

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Here’s where you come in: ✍️

We have one core product, built in PHP,  that we’re porting from a monolith to a modern microservices architecture, while improving our codebase. It’s the usual fixing the plane while flying it, but what’s nice is that the plane isn’t on fire, and the Captain isn’t shouting at anyone about not hitting sprint goals.

It’s purely an API-led system, none of this HTML nonsense, and we use the Phalcon framework with MongoDB, and the speed is incredible. Those API’s talk to two native phone applications: iOS & Android. That was probably obvious. Thankfully is no full-stack nonsense around here, and not a javascript framework in sight. Again, simple, not sexy.

This means that your day-to-day won’t vary much. You’ll have the opportunity to build world-class, scalable, resilient code; with a heavy focus on test coverage, linting, and choosing spaces over tabs. Don’t be quoting Richard from Silicon Valley to us, he’s a fictional character.

What we’re really looking for: ✍️

Although we’re in the financial space, and under the scrutiny that comes with it, the current engineering team works well together, and even sometimes with a smile. We’re sure you’ve got the technical skills, otherwise you would have stopped reading by now, so let us be clear in what will make us want to work with you.

We want a real person, with interests outside of code, to join our work family. You could be a dancer, a gamer, a musician, a parent, a hockey fan, or even that one person that still writes Twilight fan-fiction. Doesn’t matter to us. At the interview stages will be looking for empathy, eq, fun stories, and ability to smile even when things are tough. Code monkeys need not apply.

We take our work and customers financial health very seriously, but not ourselves.

Our Interview process: 📖

  1. Phone Screen with someone from our Talent team
  2. Phone/Video Interview with a member of our engineering team
  3. Face to Face interview with the hiring manager
  4. Short take home test
  5. Final Interview (Talk through task and meet the wider team)

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Chip. We’re the future of saving. Why not join us? 🤔